Course regulations

Course Regulations
This document presents the general course regulations for the courses and trainings offered by the ICP. These terms are applicable to both instructors and participants. These general course regulations are valid only if specific regulations for a particular training do not exist.
1. Participation conditions
 ICP’s courses and trainings are generally directed towards people who wish to gain further qualification in the fields of conflict transformation, mediation and peacebuilding. In case there should be any entry criteria for a particular course, these are mentioned in the course advertisement. However, there exists no obligation for the ICP to accept participants.
2. Fees
The attendance fees correspond to the indications given in the course description. Payment must be made before the beginning of the course. The fees include the application fee and the course documents.
In case fees exceed 3,000.- CHF, it is possible to consult the course administration  in order to arrange a staggered payment. The first payment must take place before the first course block, and the last payment must be made before the last course block.
3. Course content
The detailed course content is available in the detailed program provided by the ICP. Further information can be obtained directly from the team in charge of the course.
4. Course certificate
The complete attendance of the course (minimum 90% of the course duration) is required for successful course participation and for the issuance of the course certificate. Absences must be reported and explained in advance to the course administration.
5. Course administration
Course administration and general responsibility lie in the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (ICP), Schwanengasse 9, 3011 Bern.
6. Instructors
Instructors are chosen by the ICP.  Instructors are experts with corresponding practical experience and/or academic background.
7. Confidentiality
Course related information and activities are treated confidentially. This applies to all involved: participants, instructors, the course administrators and all involved parties.
8. Cancellation
Enrolment in a course is binding. In case of cancellation, the following amounts remain due:

  • Up to 2 months before the beginning of the course: 50 % of the attendance fees.
  • Until 2 weeks before the beginning of the course: 80 % of the attendance fees.
  • Until 1 week before the beginning of the course: the total amount of the attendance fees.

9. Cancellation of a course
The ICP is authorized to cancel a training program up to 1 week before its start under the condition that all the fees will be refunded.
10. Insurance
Insurance is each course participant’s responsibility. In the event of injury or sickness, it is not possible to demand reimbursement from the ICP.
11. Appeal
Conflictual situations should be recognised early and solved with the help of suitable methods and approaches that lead to a solution suitable for all the involved parties.
The ICP takes complaints from participants and employees seriously and confidentiality is granted. In case of discomfort, the first step should be to aim at a personal conversation in presence of all involved parties. Should this not be possible, other options will be explored to settle the conflict and external mediation might be required to obtain a satisfying solution. The costs of the mediation process will be shared among conflict parties.