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International Academy and Forum on Peace Mediation and National Dialogue

North Africa and Sahel

8th ICP International Summer Academy and Forum, Caux (Montreux), Switzerland
20th to 25th of July 2015


A unique opportunity! With contributions by:

  • Humanitarian Dialogue Centre
  • Interpeace
  • Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie
  • Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding
  • Cordoba Foundation of Geneva
  • A representative of the Mediation Support Unit, United Nations
  • A member of the Standby Team of Mediation Experts, United Nations


With the theme “North Africa and Sahel”, the International Summer Academy and Forum 2015 offers its participants an overview of mediation and dialogue within the North Africa and Sahel region. Focusing on a geographical area is relevant in order to learn how to develop useful approaches for that specific region. It provides the participants with the possibility to discuss real cases that arise in North Africa and Sahel, and the opportunity to observe how local initiatives and the indigenous culture of peace mediation interact with initiatives from outsiders. Conflicts are often related to governance issues and, more in general, to socio-political matters. Culture plays an extremely important role impacting people’s values and visions of what the social and political system should be. The mediator needs to address culturally and socially related root causes of conflict. The idea behind this regional focus is hence to determine which mediation and dialogue approaches are efficient in that particular region, and which are less so.

As a constructive approach to peacefully transform violent conflicts into cooperation, the importance of peace mediation has significantly increased over recent years. Peace mediation aims at preventing or solving violent conflicts by conducting dialogue and negotiations. This way, peace mediators assist the different parties involved to overcome the burden of the conflict and guide them towards constructive, cooperative solutions for a peaceful and common future. The art of peace mediation requires patience and perseverance, as well as skills, knowledge, methodology and experience.   

Interactive and participatory methods are particularly emphasized during the course, as they allow participants to fully practice what they learn, as well as sharing their knowledge and skills with other participants. Participants will have the opportunity to gain first-hand insights from international and local experts during the lectures. The workshops and mediation simulations will allow them to play the mediator role and thus improve their practical skills of conflict transformation. Additionally, the Summer Academy and Forum is an excellent place to increase one’s personal and professional network in the cozy atmosphere of the Caux Palace Hotel.

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The International Peace-Builders’ Forum

Coupled with the ICP International Summer Academy, the International Peace-Builders’ Forum (IPF) will be held around the theme “Non-violent Conflict Transformation: Dignity, Inclusion and Participation”, on 16-19 July 2015 in Caux (Montreux), Switzerland. The IPF is organised by CAUX-Initiatives of Change (CAUX-IofC) and the Institute for Conflict Transformation and Peacebuilding (ICP), with the support of the Caux Scholars Program (CSP).

The IPF is a unique, publicly accessible, opportunity for participants to physically meet and connect with experts and specialists of the international field of peace-building. Participate in group discussions, attend presentations, panel discussions and workshops, and visit the stands of peacebuilding organisations within the Caux-Palace!