In 2015, the ICP International Summer Academy was held on the theme  "Peace Mediation and Dialogue in North Africa and Sahel" from 20th to 25th of July.
With this theme the 8th ICP Summer Academy and Forum offered its participants with an overview of mediation and dialogue within the North Africa and Sahel region. Focusing on a geographical area is relevant in order to lean how to develop useful approaches for that specific region. It provided the participants with the possibility to discuss real cases that arise in North Africa and Sahel, and the opportunity to observe how local initiatives and the indigenous culture of peace mediation interact with initiatives from outsiders.
Participants had the opportunity to gain first-hand insights from international ad local experts through interactive and participatory methods allowing them to fully practice what they learn as well as sharing their knowledge and skills with other participants.
The following experts brought their precious contribution to the Summer Academy 2015:

  • Abbas AROUA Medical physicist and adjunct professor at the Lausanne Faculty of Medicine, Switzerland
  • Nohad CHEBARO Eastern Libya HD Center Representative, Africa Regional Office
  • Sandra Coulibaly-Leroy Sous-Directrice, Direction de la Programmation et de l'Evaluation, OIF
  • Pierre-Yves Monette, Member of the Department of Political Affairs' Standby Team of Mediation Experts, UN
  • Jean-Simon RIOUX, Programme Officer in Mali, Interpeace
  • Luca WILLIG, Associate Political Affairs Officer, Mediation Support Unit, UN
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